New website & Editor Improvements & Community Center #1

Dec 31, 2023

Launch of New website & Editor Improvements & Community Center

New website & Editor Improvements & Community Center

December 31, 2023

Website improvement

We shipped a new website that reflects the changes in the current product and the vision of what we are building. Website was built in Framer for flexible changes.

The design is deliberately done in light mode with a white background. To collect waitlist submissions, we are using Tally forms embeds on click for submission.

Editor improvements

  • Auto-saving fixed inside the editor

  • Comment creation fixed when content for multiple platforms are created

  • Video upload limit increased extensively which means large size video uploads work seamlessly inside the editor both in:

    • Linkedin

    • Twitter / X

Post settings

In order to make it more user friendly and clear, we improved some of the posts user interface after publishing.

  • User now gets redirected to post sent page

  • Added toasts on submitting the post

  • Added a button inside the toast that goes to the post

  • View post button points to the post itself on Linkedin and Twitter

Community forums

We adopted Outverse to create a

  • community forum

  • blog

  • product feature requests

  • feedback

  • bug reporting

  • help

to deliver a centralised experience for the users. Now you do not have to juggle multiple places, tabs and links to access information about GodmodeHQ.