Data Dashboards

Jan 6, 2024

Data dashboard for Linkedin & Twitter Analytics to better inform what works as your content strategy and what does not

Data dashboard for Linkedin & Twitter Analytics

The team shipped a brand new data dashboard. The data is focused on 2 aspects:

  • Results and visits that are generated from your social posting

    • This includes followers and impressions. More importantly includes a conversion funnel from impressions to profile clicks to the URL clicks for the links that you share on your website

  • Consistency.

    • We heard time and again that it is very important to be consistent with social posting, ideally posting high quality content on a daily basis to build relationships with your followers and customers

    • Hence we overlaid the schedule of your posts onto your analytics to be able to see what worked in terms of results vs how many posts you sent out


  • Added a Drafts section into the sidebar where you can easily see the draft posts you created

    • This is intended to be an easy view of your inspirations and ideas

    • You can have them handy in the sidebar anytime you would like to keep writing or post or schedule.


  • Tweet quoter had a bug with the width side of the editor on click. Now fixed

  • We reduced response times for the API endpoints by improving on our infrastructure set up