Contextual Lead & Prospect Search

Feb 2, 2024

Search leads with right context in chat

This is a big launch for us and our biggest effect feature so far.

Step 1️⃣

Just ask what kind of leads and contacts you are looking for inside the chat. We are currently setting up examples and templates and here are some:

  • Find me product marketers from Milano talking about AI

  • Find me growth marketers in London who talked about Linkedin as a marketing channel

  • Get me sales people working in Figma in London

Step 2️⃣

You will receive a table filled with leads and their Linkedin profiles. You can manipulate the table as you with with sorting, adding structured data for people like company domains, emails, job titles, locations

Step 3️⃣

The real kick comes in with using AI Finder using to use unstructured, contextual data for any of these leads. You can use this information on a flexible basis to design outreach patterns and sequences that are not personalised, but personal for every single person in your lists.

Here is how it works:

✅ Fixes and Improvements

  • List names made editable and flexible

  • Header size to text fixes

  • Tooltips to see larger text inside cells

  • Loader skeletons on launching AI finder

  • Fixed response bugs on AI finder

  • AI response logging

  • Modals to show loading

⏭️ Next up

  • ⏭️ Improvements into tables for flexible tabular manipulation

  • ⏭️ More datasources

  • ⏭️ Company views on search

  • ⏭️ Gmail inbox integration

  • ⏭️ Linkedin inbox integration

We consider this as a big step forward in coming full circle to build the AI-native go-to-market operating system.

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