Content Agents on Slack

Jan 12, 2024

i am on my third coffee and i feel nothing hbu?

Content Agents on Slack

Okay. We just launched our proactive content agents on Slack. This is the first step towards building a deep-deep integration with Slack.


  • We collected more than 1,000 outperforming Linkedin and Twitter posts manually checking for quality

  • We organised them according to subject, ranked them across likes and comments

  • Built a chunking system to rank the vectors and vectorised all the posts in a vector database.

We are considering integrating or open-sourcing access to the dataset, if you want the posts, tell us at =>

Slack Connection

  • Built the Slack agent

  • On connection to your workspace, agent will work overnight to first generate 3 recommendations for social posting for your ideal customer profile

  • Agent will send notifications to you everyday before you wake up

Improvements on the website

AI People Search

  • Design changes for an upcoming future. Keep quiet!